31-Jan, 2018 is a ‘Super Blood Blue Moon’ Day, India Are you ready?

31-Jan-2018 is a ‘Super Blood Blue Moon’ Day, India Are you ready? Ankit2World

A very rare event is going to take place on 31-Jan-2018. Where? In the SKY people. Jokes apart, this celestial episode is happening after 32 Years in India. The Last time same event happened was on 30-Dec-1982. According to many resources, it’s absolutely fine to witness this celestial event through naked eyes.

So, when can we witness this rare ‘Super Blood Blue Moon’ event?
Luckily, In India, the celestial event is happening in the evening. So Yay! We can witness the lunar eclipse on 31st Jan 2018 evening between 5:45 pm to 6:35 pm. The lunar eclipse would end around 7:30.

Some Important Question about ‘Super Blood Blue Moon’

Image Credits: NASA

1st- Why Super Moon is Special?
Well, during this time the moon will be closest to the earth. Hence it will appear bigger than normal days. And it’s the reason we call it ‘Super Moon’

Image Credits: NASA

2nd- Will the Moon appear Blue in color?
Naah, according to the English calendar the second full moon of the month is called the blue moon, hence the name Blue moon.

Image Credits: NASA

Combine both and it’s ‘Super Blue Moon’. Now, the rare this about this particular event is the third part…

3rd- What’s ‘Super Blood Blue Moon’, and why so special?
It’s special because on this specific time the moon is full in shape and is closest to the earth and will appear larger and brighter than usual. Blue is because of English calendar and blood is because of Lunar Eclipse (During the lunar eclipse the moon appear slightly red in color).

Image Credits: NASA

All the events happening at the same time.

Image Credits: NASA

What’s Lunar Eclipse?
Simple, Sun-Earth-Moon will be on the same line. So our beloved moon will pass through the shadow of the Earth.

Some Quick Facts:
– At 4:30 pm, 31-Jan nearly ‘Full Moon’ will reach its closest point to the Earth.
– During this time the moon is only 223,069 miles from the Earth.
– The moon will appear 7% bigger and 14% brighter than usual.

So make sure you witness this beautiful celestial event for sure and enjoy and if you are too scared to watch it live from the terrace, NASA will be showcasing the whole event LIVE on their website.

And last but not the least BEWARE of the WEREWOLVES.

Ankit Malik (aKi)