Things That Differ Depending on the Medium

Things That Differ Depending on the Medium

We all need sensory stimuli. We have different senses and we use them to navigate this world. Those that have experienced sensory deprivation tanks or extreme isolation know that our minds cannot compute when faced with sensory deprivation. They need the information to function. So, we have to be stimulated in one way or another for our brain to pump different types of chemicals that make us happy and keep us alive.

We’ve come a long way in figuring out clever and ingenious ways to entertain ourselves and satisfy these basic needs. Today, we’re used to destroying pockets of free time and boredom using different methods. Perhaps we’ve gone a bit overboard, and have rewired our brains to crave constant titillation. But while we’ve figured out many ways to accomplish this, and, even though they may aim at the same goal, the methods of delivery differ, and with them, so does the end-experience.

There are always differences based on the medium used and how we use it, Like with everything in this world, no two things are the same. So, variations can be found in everything, from playing games to storytelling. And sometimes, it’s the little things that make the difference.

How Blackjack Online Is Different From Land-Based Games   

This might seem like a strange place to start, but it goes to show how a game whose rules stay the same can be dramatically different when played online, then in real-life. First, your chances of winning are drastically better at an online casino, if you know how to find the right one. It’s a very competitive market so the house edge is more in the player’s favor.

Another major aspect of how Blackjack online is different from landbased games is that card-counting is far more difficult, as the deck is continuously shuffled. There’s also the lack of social interaction, that plays a big role too. You can’t converse with other players at the table, nor with the dealer. So, while card games at online casinos follow the same rules, it’s a different experience. And, if Blackjack isn’t your thing, maybe something more Indian is what you fancy. Teen Patti is a game based on chance that many Indian players love. Things That Differ Depending on the Medium 

Watching a Movie at Home vs at the Theater

Almost everyone these days has a big-screen TV. The real question is do they even make small ones anymore? And, due to this more and more people think that there is no need to go to a theater and take in a feature. Not even when a true spectacle comes out like one from the Marvel franchise or the latest Batman movie.

Things That Differ Depending on the MediumBut there is simply no comparison. Though you’re watching the same story, movies were meant to be shown in theaters. They’re communal experiences, and the theater is a shrine in the form of a cinema. It’s the altar where you bow before the movie gods to experience a roller-coaster of emotions. Sans the resolution that your home screen can’t compete with an advanced surround sound, it’s all about taking in the story along with other enthusiasts. Gasping or laughing at the same time, knowing that you’re having just as much fun as those around you. 

PC Games vs Console Ports

Things That Differ Depending on the MediumEvery gamer knows that while consoles are the preferable method of playing video games, the modular nature of PCs is what sets them apart. The option to upgrade a personal computer on a whim and keep up with the latest technology is a major factor. This allows you the ability to play games that feature the most advanced graphics and that demand major processing power.

So, it might be the same game, but it will look better on PC. That makes a difference. However, the ability to play on a gamepad, and other strengths that make consoles different, can play into other game’s favor, making them objectively better to play on consoles. So, while the game may be more or less the same, how you get to play it, and how it looks plays a role in how fun it is.

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