Kimetsu no Yaiba | Demon Slayer Anime & Manga

Image Credit: Koyoharu Gotouge | Ufotable

Kimetsu No Yaiba or Demon Slayer is a mix of quick emotions & good animations. This is going to be a review of manga & anime so there might be slight spoilers ahead. Brace yourselves! Demon Slayer is a storyline with insane battles between humans & demons. so essentially a Demon named Muzan seeks to be a complete being where he can step in sunlight. He gives birth to demons to spread destruction to achieve that. Childish right? He actually experiments on people & during a lot of years of existence, he gathers warriors with a super sad backstory, Converts them into Demons & has a conference meeting with them in a dr. Strange like universe/ House. Now focusing on the good side tanjirou our main protagonist with the special move as headbutt ( Bruh is this pokemon ?). in the very first episode his family gets brutally murdered & the only surviving member, her sister is turned into demon. Now at this point, the most logical decision that can be made is to grab a sword & go after the boss demon who is being into existence for I don’t know how many centuries, Grab his collar & get him to turn his sister back to normal. In the process why not annihilate every member of both organizations?

Throughout their storyline, the side characters & the villains have genuinely good backstory & design. when I mentioned quick emotion in the very first line I actually meant it. The side characters are not given enough time for the reader/viewer to develop enough feelings towards them. The flame hashira died a noble death but it happened throughout one arc only. Same with the other arcs & in the last arc it is a blood bath. I don’t know which side won there are no demons left at the end nor the other side characters. So many deaths happened but it won’t make you feel anything unless you are highly emotional.


Image Credit: Koyoharu Gotouge | Ufotable

Demon slayer Anime is highly popular nowadays & I can say a large number of audiences here must have watched or at least heard of it. I would say the anime has a lot to offer & is already a sensation. It has a lot of strong points like its openings man what a treat. I remember the time when I used to skip the opening part to get to the main anime what a noob I used to be. Pro Tip: Don’t skip the opening part of the anime. Then, comes the animation what a sight to behold is just sit back & enjoy water flowing, fire blazing, thunder cracking & what not this all-natural phenomenon are generated by the swordsmen through their way of breathing. I am not kidding. Lastly, the perfect sync of battles with music. That is what I believe is one of the most awesome things any anime can offer. Let me stress it a little further.
Content is subjective one might feel that the blogs written by me are good content & others may think that these blogs are outstanding content. What I meant to say after self-appreciation is we consume different types of content like blogs, memes & videos, etc. in terms of content the anime has surpassed the limits because the audio & video part of the anime is so well integrated that if you listen to the music you remember the whole fight sequence & you may want to watch it again just because of the amazing quality of the video because of the audio. It may not make sense at first but let it sink.


Image Credit: Koyoharu Gotouge | Ufotable

Before anime, the manga wasn’t as popular as it is now. Since it has officially ended manga readers have an edge over anime watchers & they can ruin your whole experience of anime just like I am doing. After watching the first season of the anime I picked up the manga. It was an interesting read because at that time the manga hasn’t ended & the weekly release excites you about a storyline. That’s the problem with me when I came to know about any good story I want to know everything about it. I become super obsessed.
The manga suffers from all the weak points mentioned (Lazy writing strikes) Okay so the manga is the actual storyline. So, there isn’t any cool animation or music to help it to create a lasting impression in the reader’s mind. Just the sheer excitement of knowing what will happen next will keep you up all night to complete the manga. After that, you will be left with the incomplete feeling of why were the hashers not given enough screen time. The whole story of every hashiras summarised is sad backstory & death & so with the demons. You will feel that the Demons are way too overpowered & in the final arc people are just dying like it is nothing.
So, the manga also suffers from lousy writing often you may feel it is rushed. Lastly, it could have been much better if there was better world-building.

Final Verdict

The humor part of demon slayer is not especially strong I would rather say it is childish but yes to often change the tone of the story at times when it gets too dark or depressing it does its part.
Since the anime studio is Ufotable you can expect the current quality from upcoming episodes & it may get even better in later seasons. To Give you guys a simple answer to anime or manga my answer would be ANIME. But if you have already completed the anime & are dying to know what will happen next? you can try out the manga.

Okay guys see you next time in next blog till then why not answer my question what if 2 sides fight with each other & one side completely wipes out the other side but in the process only 1 or 2 members of the party survives will you call that a win ?.


Genuinely Yours,
Atishay Jain