4 Different Types of Manga from Around the World – My First Blog

Good day to all who came, My very first attempt of getting myself humiliated in public, so here we go! Noob blogger ALERT. This is my first blog. Thodi tareef kardena yaar (Means Please Praise Me :p), whosoever is reading this.( Press F to pay respect). It will definitely encourage me to write more of this Nonsense & waste more of your precious time. Still Reading ? You really have no value for your time.

So, who am I? Someone that’s afraid to let go, uh You decide if you’re ever gonna let me know (yeah XXX tentacion ‘SAD’ reference) Lame !! If you really want to know who am I visit my profile please 🥺 (Kindly, requesting you to stalk me)
Now, I believe you have already stalked me if not PLEASE DO IT!!!

Phewwww (fewwww can also be written here, still in consideration) let’s talk about why am I writing this: 1. The owner of this Blogsite had made this long ago and approached me for my amazing writing skills Please Believe me & I am currently writing this in the office in official working hours with the company provided resources. (Height of Professionalism)
2. The Owner of this blogsite is lazy and he didn’t wanted to write anymore, getting old I think (aging like fine wine – Should I call him my blog-lord?)

I absofuckinglutey adore manga. I even told this to my crush. No wonder she is with someone else (*sob sob*) and then I also told this to the Bloglord aka A2W he said “What a loser” then I told him manga wala part and then he went like:
Take that rage, put it on a page | Take the page to the stage | Blow the roof off the place (The script; if you could see me know reference)
And here I am.

I love consuming content, I even learned German for that (still an unpaid intern). After, neglecting my education for years & reading a variety of content. I am here to be Your “sensei” guiding you into the artistic world of Manga basically, killing more of your time.
Now, Manga/Manhua/Manhwa/Comics confused what all of this is? Let me impart some knowledge on you kiddos now:

Manga originated from Japan “Mangaka,” person creating it or the author

Source: Pinterest, Manga Name: Naruto Shippuden


Manhwa are Korean comics “Manhwaga” is the person creating it or the author

Source: Pinterest, Manhwa Name: Promised Orchid

(Yes, 2D girls are best )

Manhua are Chinese comics “Manhuajia” person creating it or the author.

Source: Pinterest, Manhua Name: Magic Emperor

This is one of the most cunning, realistic & one my favorite manhua anti-hero characters out there is

Well, I lost it after mangaka Thank You Google.

Then comes your regular comics, the one most people are familiar with.

Source: Pinterest, Comic Name: Invincible

Oh, man Nostalgia hitting really hard, one of the best superhero comic out there

Mangas & Manhuas are read from right to left, while manhwas and comics are read from left to right. Depending on the country of origin, Artist & Languages they all have different styles. Mangas are generally white & black and rest of them are Mostly coloures If you have read till here in terms of knowledge you are already on my level now. What can you expect in future from these blogs?

Yes, but you can also expect fun content revolving around the above mentioned topics(Lazy writing). Essentially the whole idea behind these blogs is that I can pass on my reading experience to you guys and yess I love interacting with people (Lol, story of every lonely guy). So, yeah if you have anything you want to add or there is any error that I have made ( Hope, I have made no mistake in copy pasting the content) Proceed ahead in the comments.
Since, the desired word limit is already met and I don’t think after reading this the owner will be publishing it.

So let’s end it here.
Auf Wiedersehen