A2W – Rasik Chopra and His Upcoming Stand-Up Comedy Show (Exclusive Interview)

Ankit2World meets Rasik Chopra for his Upcoming Standup Comedy Show ‘Crown Jewels’

From past few days ‘Crown Jewels’ is making a buzz on Social Media, it’s an individual stand-up comedy show by Rasik Chopra which is due on 6th-Oct-2018 in Stein Auditorium, Delhi. Last week I got a chance to meet Rasik Chopra for an exclusive interview asking him a couple of fun question about his show and life.

One thing is for sure, Rasik is one hell of a funny guy. I am sure you guys must have seen him on NDTV Goodtimes where he hosts his own show ’10 Things to do Around the World’. Have a look below at one of his episode:

Rasik led an interesting life – From Investment Banker to TV show host to an Entrepreneur to a Stand-Up Comedian. I had a great time talking with Rasik and I am sure you will enjoy the QnA session below: Ankit2World meets Rasik Chopra for his Upcoming Standup Comedy Show ‘Crown Jewels’

A2W: Hey Rasik, Can you please tell A2W readers about the show ‘The Crown Jewels’ & Why ‘Crown Jewels’?
Rasik: I called my last show “Family Jewels” because it was about growing up Punjabi and leaving home as a young adult. Today, I’m my own man, a little older, married and (sightly) more responsible. So I figured, it was time to graduate to Crown Jewels

A2W: Hmmm so what’s your background story huh?
Rasik: My story is about duality. My father’s family is Punjabi and though my mother is Sikh, she had may as well be English. Her father was originally in the Royal Indian Air Force under the British and he had all the spit and polish of a Brit. So does she and that’s how she raised us. And that’s what I am: 50% very-proper and 50% very-Punjabi. 50% idealistic and 50% materialistic.

A2W: Who is your inspiration?
Rasik: In life, my wife (I didn’t mean for that to rhyme). In comedy, Eddie Izzard. (Ha! Ha!)

A2W: Lucky wife, I must say: D Let’s start with some Fun Questions.

A2W: What’s the most useless talent you have?
Rasik: My immunity to hot-sauce

A2W: Who is your secret Crush?
Rasik: Hugh Jackman

A2W: You can’t leave your home without these 3 things?
Rasik: Cookie, cookie, and cookie

A2W: What was the last lie you told someone?
Rasik: Probably somewhere in this interview, inadvertently

A2W: Ugly But Live forever or Attractive and die in a year?
Rasik: Definitely live forever, I’m terrified of death

A2W: Android or Ios?
Rasik: Ios, but I miss my Nokia

A2W: So, what is one message you would give to all who are reading this?
Rasik: Be a good person, but have always have a naughty side 🙂

Well, this interview was fun for me and if you want to meet Rasik, he’ll be performing live on 6th of Oct, 2018 at Stein Auditorium, India Habitat Center, Lodhi Road, Delhi, India 110003Ankit2World meets Rasik Chopra for his Upcoming Standup Comedy Show ‘Crown Jewels’

Tickets available at Book My Show: You can book your tickets from here: Book Tickets

Also, if you want to have a look at his funny videos here is the link to his Event Page: Click Here

Well, I am gonna be there too…

See You At the Venue
Ankit Malik (aKi)