5 Indian Superheroes in Marvel Universe. Go India

I am a big time comics lover, I started reading comics since age 10. Back in the day, my favorite superhero was ‘Nagraj’ (Snake-King). I still remember spending most of my time reading his stories and adventures. While growing up, I started watching English movies and that was the first time I saw Superman starring Christopher Reeves. I went nuts, as Superman was the first Superhero I saw on my T.V screen that too flying… talking about early 90s.

Soon after Superman, I realized that there were many super heroes around the world. I started exploring, and let me tell you that there was no such thing as Internet and a computer at my place at that time. That’s how I became addicted to the world of comics and its characters. Since then I’ve read many comics till date. I love exploring new characters and reading about them.

Recently, on a fine day, I came to know that our beloved ‘Marvel Universe’ is filled with India origin characters. I was amazed seeing these characters’ strengths and superpowers in the comics. I ordered some digital copies online and started reading them.

So let me tell you about the 5 my most favorite Indian Superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

Dinesh Deol
He was an engineer but he had ‘Inhuman’heritage. He developed the ability of Psionically controlling the electromagnetic spectrum after being affected by Terrigen Mist Cloud from Terrigen Bomb.

Image Credits: Marvel

First Appearance: July 2015 – ‘2015 Avengers’ – Free Book Comic Day.
Alias: Grid
Powers: Computer Interaction, Electromagnetic Vision, Electromagnetic Pulse Emission, Channeling Conduit.

Raz Malhotra
He was in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Born in Denver, Colorado, Indian parents. Egghead the villain wanted to use Raz’s knowledge to create artificial duplicates of the Avengers. Scott Lang (Ant-Man) gifted Raz with a Giant-Man suit and that’s how Raz Malhotra helped Ant-Man defeat a couple of villains by becoming Giant-Man.

Image Credits: Marvel

First Appearance: Sep 2015 – ‘Ant-Man Annual Vol 2 #1’
Alias: Giant-Man
Powers: Suit and amazing knowledge of Artificial Intelligence.

Pavitr Prabhakar
An Indian spider-man falls under the same storyline as Peter Parker. The only change is that everything is very my Indian-ized.

Image Credits: Marvel

First Appearance: Jan 2005 – ‘Spider-Man India’
Alias: Dhoti Boy, Spider-Man
Powers: Spider Physiology, Wall-Crawling, Mark of Kaine, Superhuman Strength, Superhuman Speed, Superhuman Stamina, Regenerative Healing Factor and the list goes on… as Peter Parker.

Paras Gavaskar
He was a Mutant born in India. He enrolled at the Xavier Institute and was personally mentored by Northstar becoming the top student in the class of Alpha Squadron.

Image Credits: Marvel

First Appearance: Jan 2005 – ‘New X-Men Vol 2 #7’
Alias: Paras Gavacar (misspelled)
Powers: Retractable Exoskeleton, Superhuman Durability, Retractable Weapons

Shakti Haddad
Founding member of X-Men 2099 and founder of X-Nation. Shakti was a brilliant young woman and became an expert in genetics. She realized she is a mutant with extra-ordinary abilities.

Image Credits: Marvel

First Appearance: Oct 1993 – ‘X-Men 2099 #1’
Alias: Cerebra
Powers: X-Factor Detection, Nervous System Manipulation, and a brilliant scientist trained in medical techniques and is a skilled martial artist.

Isn’t all of this is exciting… Let me know if you encounter the other Indian Superheroes in Marvel universe in the comments below.

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Ankit Malik (aki)