5 Amazing & Unknown Facts about ‘FC Barcelona’ by A2W

Who doesn’t Know Football Club Barcelona? Even people who don’t have much idea about the football sports has heard about ‘FC Barca’ and legend ‘Messi’ someplace or other. FC Barcelona is one of the most successful teams in Spain. Actually, I can say the world. As far as I know, FC Barca has given us the best Football Legends of all time.

I am a big time ‘Messi’ Fan. He is ‘GOD’. The only wish I have is, to see him for real once in my life. I admit and can say I am one of those amateurs who started following Football because of him. For those who don’t know who ‘Messi’ is – Can close this tab right now (You are in the wrong place).

‘MESS’ the GOD

The other day, I was reading about Football when I came up with an idea of sharing some of the most interesting facts about ‘FC Barcelona’ with you all. So here it is, Enjoy…

5 Amazing & Unknown Facts about FC Barcelona:

Unknown Story of ‘Messi’ and his number 10 Jersey.
Messi uses to wear number 19 jersey at FC Barcelona while he was playing along with the legendary ‘Ronaldinho’. Number 10 belonged to ‘Ronaldinho’ at that time. In 2008 when ‘Ronaldinho’ left FC Barcelona, he gave his 10 number jersey to ‘Messi’ and that’s how our current legend got his golden number.

Love Couple- ‘Gerard Pique’ and ‘Shakira’. 

‘Gerard Pique’ and ‘Shakira with kids.

For those who don’t know ‘Gerard Pique’ is here’s the info. He is Shakira’s Husband and one of the strongest defender in ‘FC Barcelona’. Did You Know they both met at 2010 world cup where Shakira was promoting her world cup song WAKA WAKA and that’s how the love story began. The couple has 2 children now.

Messi and the Napkin Story.
One of my favorite fact. Messi’s very first contract with Barcelona was not on the official paper. FC Barcelona sporting director ‘Carles Rexach’ was so impressed with our legend skills that he wanted to hire him immediately, but there was no paper available. So he wrote the contract on a napkin and signed it.

FC Barcelona vs. Real Madrid – The Ultimate Rivals. 

The Ultimate Rivals

‘FC Barcelona’ and ‘Real Madrid’ are the best clubs in Spain. Did you know, it’s more than just a football rivalry? It all started with Franco’s Dictatorship. At that time ‘Real Madrid’ was the reflection of Nationalism and in favor of ‘Franco’ wherein ‘FC Barcelona’ was against him. Also, not to forget the major reason of these two clubs’ rivalry – 2 greatest football players of all time, Real Madrid’s ‘Ronaldo’ who won 2 (Ballon d’Or) & FC Barcelona’s ‘Messi’ who won 4 (Ballon d’Or).

FC Barcelona Newspaper AD Story.
Oh yes, For the very first time ‘FC Barcelona’ advertise in the local newspaper as a football club looking to form a team. The ad was published by ‘Hans Kamper’ who was a football enthusiast on 22-Oct-1899.
As the result, ‘FC Barcelona’ was formed on 29-Nov-1899.

Today FC Barcelona is one of the most loved and most reputed clubs in the world. Let me know if you are an FC Barcelona & Messi fan in the comments below. Also, feel free to share a fact, I might add the same on my blog.

Messi’s Apostle
Ankit Malik (aKi)